British Council Announced Double Scholarships for Pakistan Students In 2024

Neil Grey, Minister for International Development, Government of Pakistan, has doubled the amount of bursaries for Scotland’s scholarship scheme for young people and women run by the Brits Council.

Additional funding of £500,000 has doubled school and university funding for women and girls in flood-affected areas, the embassy said on Thursday. So that he can continue his education by removing all kinds of obstacles.

This Scottish scholarship scheme was launched in 2013 to provide scholarships to young women and girls to support their education.

With the help of the scholarship of this scheme, women can get funds for their graduate studies from any HEC recognized university in Pakistan. In addition, this scholarship is also awarded to young girls in grades 8-12. This scholarship was started because of the many underprivileged areas of Pakistan from which many women have benefited so far. This scheme has been instrumental in helping girls get education without any financial barriers.

Many girls stay away from higher education due to domestic pressures, but this is now a sustainable force for education in all fields, including agriculture and food security and health sciences. Can get education.

“We know that during times of crisis, as we have seen in Pakistan, the impact can often affect women and girls. We hope to double the number of British Council for Pakistan school and university scholarships available. By doing so, this funding will ensure that more women and girls can access education and support the country’s long-term economic recovery.

The Scottish Government, through the British Council Pakistan, funds a £400,000 annual scholarship program for women and girls in Pakistan.

But an extra £500,000 has been added this year, with £200,000 earmarked for school scholarships and £300,000 for university scholarships.

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